The DNA-profile of the Infrareal Site Management Companies:

We are strong because we focus. Our core business is site management only. We work independently and focus our know-how in infrastructure-management, -technology and -operation. Our service offering is proven and shows innovation and competence, e.g. at the site Behringwerke in Marburg. In addition we have European cross-experiences.

Each of our site management companies has its own organisation and strategy but all follow a set of guidelines, the DNA-profile of Infrareal:

  • One-Stop Shop
    One-Stop Shop

    One-Stop Shop

    Integral site management means for us to provide complete solutions and at the same time to comply with all legal rulings as well as to assume all sovereign (real estate owner related) duties.

    Our integral offering is completed by the operation of infrastructure assets and consequently resulting products/services as well as maintenance services.

  • Tailor-made Offerings.
    Tailormade Offerings.

    Tailor-made Offerings.

    We continuously optimise the cost drivers along all relevant processes and in all organisational units. We use proven tools, prefer a pragmatic but implemented 80%-solution to a theoretical, not implemented optimum. We have broad project experience and benchmarks across this specific industry.

    Further measures are:

    • Efficient organisation through management by objectives and a corresponding strong incentive system
    • Open competition at every site in order to ensure the best solution for the customer at any time
    • Focus of our own value-added to those activities, where we can generate a real value-added for our customers
    • Implementation of structures and systems (IT, insurance, ...) corresponding with mid-sized companies

    Clearly Defined Services, Transparency of Services and Corresponding Prices.

    Our philosophy: Minimal volume of mandatory services.

    Further characteristics are:

    • Services with individual interfaces to the customers and with individual service levels
    • Transparency of services and corresponding prices
    • Innovative service concept to comply with new/changing customer needs
  • Own + Operate = Basis for Minimal Costs.
    Own + Operate = Basis for Minimal Costs

    Own + Operate = Basis for Minimal Costs.

    Our integral own-and-operate model for properties and infrastructure assets shows clear advantages:

    • Site development
      As property owner we are able to proactively develop the site, to help our customers in their strive to consolidate their legacies and to re-use brownfields.
    • Cost optimisation
      A full view of the total costs of operations is ensured through ownership. Ownership thrives to optimise high labour costs (e.g. old, inefficient plant) through capital costs by investments (e.g. new, efficient plant).