Benefits for the Business of the Customers:

High Professionalism.
As Infrareal focuses on site management only, you can expect a superior competence. We decide independently for any other business and base on the site management aspects only. As independent group, confidential treatment of customer information (e.g. production volume, changes in R&D expenditures) is guaranteed.

Less Costs through Shared Services for our Customers.
Our customers take profit from our bundling of infrastructure needs across customers and sites. In addition our volume guarantees an operation which allows to take profit from economies of scale, i.e. which are clearly above any "critical" size in regards to reliability, professionalism and costs.

Continuous benchmarkig of all sites sets the basis and fosters innovative solutions. We consider innovation as key factor for cost optimisation.

Assuming Risks and Developing the Site.
Our entrepreneurial mission for each site management company is to assume and manage risks (e.g. capacity of plants or CAPEX). Capital expenditures will result in a higher attractivity of the site and increase the chances for new tenants.

Improved KPI's in Balance Sheet and P&L.
Infrastructure costs will become variable. Infrareal has a proven track record in reducing total costs for the customers. And: As Infrareal takes over real estate and infrastructure assets, the balance sheet of the customers will be lean and with reduced environmental risks. As we also take over the corresponding employees, the customers turnover per employee will increase.