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Managing Director Dr. Martin Egger

Pharmapark excellence
from a single source

Competent. Innovative. Future-proof.

Our Value Proposition

Site management in new dimensions

We realise your location vision. By combining professional management services with a unique range of infrastructural, technical and logistical solutions, we enable you to concentrate on the essentials - your core business.
That is our value proposition as Infrareal Holding. We call this holistic service our one-company approach, because with us you get everything from a single source - customised, on time and always just as we discussed. This is how we like to be measured.

Who We Are

A passion for location development

We are a leading group of site operating companies specialising in the operation and development of industrial and business parks, with a focus on pharmaceuticals and life science. For over 25 years, we have concentrated on the requirements and needs of this sensitive and highly regulated sector.

Since 2022, Infrareal has been owned by Swiss Life Asset Managers, a leading provider of property asset management solutions, and Gelsenwasser, one of the largest public infrastructure investors and site operators in Germany. Both companies pursue long-term goals and enable Infrareal to make extensive investments - allowing us to initiate and optimally support the growth of our customers.

The Infrareal Group includes Pharmaserv GmbH, which operates the pharmaceutical and life science site Behringwerke, in Marburg, and Pharmapark Jena GmbH, which operates a flourishing industrial park for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in the heart of Thuringia. Over 700 employees at these and other sites are committed to providing our customers with the best-possible service.

Infographic about Infraeal
»We offer our customers a one-company approach - all services in the areas of management, infrastructure, technology and logistics come from a single source. Our goal is long-term growth through investment in existing and new locations.«
Our Vision

Infrastructure and service partner for pharma and life science

We are convinced that the operation and ownership of a life science or pharmaceutical park belong in the same hands. Only in this combination is it possible to make long-term and structurally appropriate investments, develop a site sustainably and ensure smooth operations.
Our vision: We are THE INFRASTRUCTURE and SERVICE partner for pharma and life science.


Employees give a presentation in front of a white projector

Investments with added value

It is a declared aim of the Infrareal Group and its owners, Swiss Life and Gelsenwasser, to integrate and operate further sites - creating synergies that benefit our customers and the development of all our pharmaceutical parks. Our strong network of shareholders enables us to make major investments at any time - both for existing and new customers.

The decisive factor is the added value that we create for our customers. Particularly at multi-user sites - where several companies produce or operate - there are many synergies and potential savings that we tap into with our integrated site management.

»For us, the operation and ownership of an industrial park belong together, as this results in a variety of synergies for existing and new customers.«
Site Takeover and Development

We create long-term prospects

Infrareal has set itself the goal of becoming the largest provider of pharmaceutical and biotech parks in Europe. We acquire new industrial parks, pharmaceutical parks, real estate and infrastructure in order to operate highly complex multi-user sites. Our key objective is to create long-term prospects for our customers and employees. In doing so, we focus on synergies and innovative solutions for each site.

Our transparent pricing model and customised offers are further reasons to choose Infrareal. Our success is based on many years of experience, a clear concept and the ability to take the pressure off our customers so that they can concentrate on their core business. We support our clients in their own acquisition and relocation projects by taking on the role of property and infrastructure partner. Our owners, Swiss Life Asset Managers and Gelsenwasser, enable us to invest not only in land, but also in the development of our clients. At our locations, we are deeply integrated into our customers' processes with our customised services. As a result, they benefit from considerable savings in investment costs.

The Infrareal Group is therefore much more than a landlord - we are a partner, supporter and companion.

"We provide security" is our guiding principle - in the operation of complex infrastructure facilities, in uninterrupted supply and disposal, and through our extensive experience in incident management.

"We want to acquire new pharmaceutical and industrial parks and become the largest provider and operator in Europe," is our goal.
We want our customers to be able to concentrate fully on their core business - which is why we take care of all infrastructure, property, technology and logistics services for them.

Infrareal location from a bird's eye view
Our Employees

Secure workplaces, best service

Through the companies, Pharmaserv and Pharmapark Jena, Infrareal has been successfully operating the pharmaceutical and biotechnology parks in Marburg and Jena with over 7,000 employees for many years. More than 700 of our own employees work together in our group of companies, to offer our customers the best-possible service at these sites and beyond. Our employees have extensive expertise in the demanding environment of pharmaceutical and biotech production. At Infrareal, we pride ourselves on enabling long-term success for our customers and employees and are committed to constantly setting new standards in site management.

It is always our aim to offer long-term prospects and security after the takeover of a new pharma park, to retain employees and to continuously develop the site. To achieve this, we have developed effective initiatives for the transfer and integration of teams and ensure a smooth transition. This includes establishing a site identity and an identity project during the transition phase, which is supported by a professional communications team.

People as a key factor

Well-trained employees are the key to a business environment that promotes growth. With a first-class management team, local HR functions, a recruitment plan and career path models, we ensure a strong foundation at our locations. We create an open environment for diversity and inclusion where talent can flourish.

Our employees are our most important asset - at Infrareal itself as well as in the companies at existing and new locations.

Employee at Infrareal in a modern office
»Long-term prospects are important to us - for every new location and for the people who work there.«
Infrareal employee with a child in her arm


Because each individual is valuable to us, we see it as a matter of course to offer our employees attractive benefits. For example, our employees enjoy 30 days' holiday per year (with the option of up to five additional days). In order to actively promote the compatibility of family and career, we offer flexible working time models as well as company childcare. After all, those who know their children are well looked after are not only more productive, but also happier. 

Health is also one of the pillars of a functioning work-life balance. Our health management includes free membership of a fitness studio and on-site support from an occupational health department. Our employees can also take advantage of a bicycle leasing scheme for an environmentally friendly and active journey to and from work.

To support the financial security of our employees, we offer a company pension scheme and long-term care insurance. And at lunchtime, there is the opportunity to get together with colleagues in our company canteen. Fresh and healthy meals every day promote well-being, and the exchange of ideas makes it easier to switch off and generates new thoughts.

With these and other measures such as collective wage agreements, flat hierarchies and much more, we create a supportive and pleasant working environment that helps to ensure the well-being of our employees and, at the same time, increases satisfaction, motivation and employee loyalty.

> 7.000 people at our pharma parks

700 own employees

215 building systems


Sustainability as a matter of course

Multi-user sites have always been characterised by their synergies and efficient energy and material cycles. In view of the global and national sustainability and climate targets, these have become even more important. Site operators must also support the ESG and climate goals of their customers with their own sustainability efforts. Infrareal is committed to the goal of operating sustainably and thus creating secure jobs.

At the Infrareal Group, we understand sustainability as a shared responsibility for positive environmental, social and governance issues, and the implementation of this approach in our business activities. For example, we are aiming for net zero decarbonisation by 2030 with a clear action plan. Infrareal already covers 100 per cent of its own electricity requirements from renewable sources.

The companies of the Infrareal Group are aware of their social and societal responsibility and contribute to the development of society. In addition to health and pension benefits for our employees and customers, this also includes fundraising campaigns for schools, health facilities and sports clubs. For us, good corporate governance also includes measures to strengthen occupational safety and health protection, as well as pursuing the goal of gender equality. Sustainability thus becomes a criterion for evaluating our business activities.

»Efficient energy and material cycles, renewable energies and a clear action plan for net-zero decarbonisation - sustainability is our focus.«

Key Facts

At a glance


We operate first-class pharmaceutical parks in Marburg and Jena

Production process a

Our services are deeply integrated into our customers' production processes


We operate more than 250 buildings and facilities

Supply network

Around 275 km of supply and disposal networks are operated at the Behringwerke site

At the Behringwerke site, around 6 ha of block fields are available for development

Gross floor area

We operate over 300,000 m2
of gross floor area