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We act sustainably

Because anything else is unacceptable.

Responsible Projects

Sustainability as a matter of course

At a time when we are confronted with climate change, social inequalities and the challenges of new technologies, sustainability is more than ever a key factor for future-oriented business strategies. At Infrareal, we have recognised this and implemented a variety of projects and initiatives that underline our commitment to sustainability.

As an innovator, Pharmaserv has not only planned and constructed a large number of energy-optimised buildings at the Behringwerke site, but also operates them in a targeted manner. Our current highlights include the completion of the elevated drinking water tank, which efficiently supplies the Behringwerke site with water and relieves the burden on the municipal network. The environmental impact was offset by additional forest protection measures.

Our new Office of the Future, which Pharmaserv built for CSL Behring, uses geothermal energy, which saves around 240 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. We are also achieving a high level of energy efficiency in our new fire station at the Behringwerke site using geothermal energy. And in addition to geothermal energy, we have installed a photovoltaic system at the Görzhausen site, which saves around 20 tonnes of CO2 every year.

In terms of mobility, we are focusing on improvements for cyclists and public transport users and are planning a new employee car park. We have also electrified a significant part of our car fleet.
But Infrareal goes beyond environmental sustainability and also assumes social responsibility. In 2022, we provided generous donations for educational initiatives, medical care and support for Ukraine. In addition, employees and customers at the Behringwerke site were supported with health and preventive services.

Infrareal's initiatives show that economic success and sustainable action can go hand in hand. With our commitment, we are setting standards for a sustainable future.

»Our commitment to sustainability is part of our identity. It characterises every single project - from the efficient supply of drinking water and the use of geothermal energy and photovoltaics to the active support of social initiatives.«
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Code of Conduct

Responsibility creates success

By acting responsibly and in compliance with the law, we create a secure and trustworthy framework for innovation, progress and, ultimately, entrepreneurial success.

In our industry, ethical principles and legal requirements are of the utmost importance. The entire management team sets high standards for itself and for each individual employee. These standards are part of our corporate culture and form the foundation of the trust placed in us by customers, business partners and the public, which must be maintained.

This trust is a precious commodity. It takes a lot of dedication, passion and time to build it up over the years, but minor carelessness can destroy it again in a matter of seconds. The reputation of the Infrareal Group, which we work hard to earn every day, can be damaged by even a single legal offence. All employees are therefore obliged to behave responsibly, to comply with the guidelines and applicable law at all times, and to align their working methods accordingly.

»Responsible and legally compliant behaviour is the benchmark for our actions. On this basis, we are shaping the successful path of the Infrareal Group - today and in the future.«
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Code of conduct as a guiding framework

We are aware that the increasing demands of the business world and the large number and complexity of legal regulations mean that the risk of legal violations is increasing. For this reason, we - as the management of the Infrareal Group - have adopted the following Code of Conduct. This code applies at all Infrareal Group locations. It is intended to help our employees, business partners and neighbours to recognise legal risks and avoid legal violations.

Key facts

Our values

Climate neutral

Infrareal is committed to the goal of achieving climate neutrality


With a clear action plan, we are aiming for net-zero decarbonisation by 2030

Renewable energies

Infrareal already covers 100 per cent of its own electricity requirements from renewable sources

Circular economy

We attach great importance to the circular economy

Health and preventive services

All our employees can take advantage of health and pension benefits

Fundraising campaigns

We are involved in fundraising campaigns for schools, healthcare facilities and sports clubs