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Managing Director Peter Michael Weimar

We will take care of it!

So that everything works and you can get started.

Industrial Park Concept for Pharma and Live Science

Space for synergies and innovations

We not only create space for new ideas, but also the freedom to focus on your daily challenges. With our expertise in the areas of site acquisition, management, technology and logistics, the Infrareal Group supports its customers in the pharmaceutical and life science industries in the long term. We know their needs inside out and can also offer excellent end-to-end solutions in the sensitive GxP environment. The companies at our sites can concentrate on research, development, production and sales, while we take care of all other tasks for them.

In our pharmaceutical parks in Marburg and Jena, we provide companies in the pharmaceutical and life science sector with suitable properties for production, laboratories and offices. If required, we can take care of new builds and conversions. We ensure that the infrastructure of the industrial parks functions optimally - from energy and media supply to wastewater disposal - and take responsibility for the security of the entire site. In this way, we create a reliable environment for our customers.

However, we also support our customers with comprehensive service solutions - ranging from logistics to IT services. We are committed to ensuring that all environmental regulations are complied with at our sites and assist our customers on the path to climate neutrality. As a site operator, we also promote cooperation between the companies in the Pharmapark and thus create an environment in which synergies and innovations can flourish. We would be pleased to inform you about our reference projects.

»We leave nothing to chance. Site management, energy supply, technology and logistics come from a single strong source - so that companies can concentrate on their core business without any worries.«
A Strong Track Record

Three decades of excellence in location management

Infrareal has been acquiring and developing pharmaceutical and life science sites for almost three decades: On the Behringwerke site in Marburg and in the Pharmapark Jena, we are continuously investing in property and infrastructure development.

Infrareal's management team and the employees of the Infrareal Group have many years of expertise in site management. Their in-depth understanding of pharma-specific GxP requirements ensures a high success rate for integration into customer processes. Comprehensive technical and business knowledge enables the development of customised solutions for complex industrial and research facilities.

A tall building with numerous windows against a blue sky

Reliability - today and tomorrow

Thanks to Infrareal's many years of industry experience, customers benefit not only from proven methods and strategies, but also from innovative approaches that are geared towards the future requirements of the industry.

Infrareal's site management covers all aspects - from property management and ongoing building management to planning services, technical maintenance and commercial tasks. We provide professional support for construction projects and have an excellent track record. Digitalised processes and the use of modern tools ensure efficiency and enable forward-looking maintenance of our facilities.

With extensive investments, we ensure continuous improvement of the infrastructure at our locations and thus a modern production environment for our customers.

»We have many years of experience and in-depth expertise in location management. At the same time, we place the highest value on innovation, digitalisation and sustainability at our locations.«
Large industrial complex seen from above with a striking building in the foreground
Sustainable Energy Policy

For a secure and environmentally friendly supply

The energy supply plays a central role in the operation of industrial and pharmaceutical parks. It influences their competitiveness, safety and sustainability.

Infrareal is committed to the goal of operating sustainably and striving for climate neutrality without compromising on availability. Our decarbonisation strategy is based on renewable energies and the active involvement of our site operating companies.
We fulfil all relevant standards and laws regarding energy use, consumption and efficiency. We ensure security and minimise the negative effects of market fluctuations for our customers by generating our own energy and purchasing energy intelligently.

Mitarbeiter bedient nachhaltige Energieversorgungsmaschinen

Partnership at eye level

We rely on strong partnerships with our customers to optimise our energy supply. We are constantly improving our offering through continuous dialogue.

 Our approach to energy efficiency is proactive and we regularly evaluate efficiency projects as part of our certified energy management system, to ensure they are in line with our targets. Constantly improving the energy-related performance of our sites is a central component of our integrated management strategy. We are convinced that ecological action forms the basis for economic success

»Safety and sustainability. We focus on both. When it comes to the energy supply at our sites, we focus on renewable energies and sustainable business practices.«
Services with Added Value

For your optimal working environment

Services that inspire and create an optimal environment for production, research and development on-site - that is our compass when we start a new project. To achieve this, we draw on a combination of many years of experience in the acquisition and operation of multi-user pharma parks, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

From production facilities and laboratories to office space - we create spaces in which innovations are born. We are not only a landlord, but also a property developer, partner and supporter, enabling pharmaceutical and life science companies to concentrate on their core business. Our 700 employees take care of everything - from site management, infrastructure, energy and media supply to waste disposal, site security and medical care.

Our wide range of services at the Infrareal sites covers almost all needs. In addition to all aspects of facility management, energy supply and environmental and safety management, we offer laboratory and analytical services as well as IT and communication services. Our logistics service not only includes storage and transport-related logistics, but also production-specific services. All supporting processes are managed efficiently and professionally by Infrareal, in order to support our customers as much as possible.

Pharma Biotech partner in an office space
»Innovations need spaces to develop - we design them! From letting to new builds and conversions to infrastructure. We make sure that everything works: the energy supply, the technology, the security at the site and the IT.«
Sustainable energy supply in the pharmaceutical industry
Key Facts

Solutions for pharma & life science

Pharma and Biotech

We offer excellent end-to-end solutions in the GxP environment

GxP from one hand

With us, location management, energy supply, technology and logistics come from a single source

Location management

Our location management includes facility management, planning services, technical maintenance and commercial tasks

Energy generation

Our own energy generation guarantees a secure supply for the pharmaceutical parks

Logistics service

Our pharmaceutical logistics includes storage and transport-related logistics as well as production-specific services


Our services have been established in the pharmaceutical environment for over 25 years and are constantly being developed further